How to Upload Firmware to in 7 Easy Steps

Uploading firmware to our community database is very simple.

  1. Register a user account.
  2. Login
  3. Click the GREEN "upload firmware" button on the front page of the site (or use the one above).
  4. In the window that pops up, fill in the information about the firmware image you are uploading. Couple of notes...
    • Title - Make it something short and descriptive
    • Brand - Pick the brand of device the firmware is for. If the brand isn't listed, choose "other" and say what the brand is in the notes. We periodically look at all files labeled "other" and update our list of brands.
    • Model - This is the device model. For example, for an LG G3 D850, the brand would be "LG" and the model would be "G3 D850."
    • Firmware Author Paypal Email Address - If you have fans of your work and want to solicit donations via paypal, put your personal paypal email address here. If you are uploading another author's work (with their permission), then enter their email address here (or leave blank). If you are uploading a stock firmware image, feel free to put your own email address here. The site will automatically generate a paypal donation link for the email address specified and place the link on the firmware page. If left blank, no donation link will be displayed.
  5. Upload your Image file and optionally the flashing tools as well.
    • Image files and any other associated files must be put into "zip" archives. Otherwise the site will not allow you to upload them.
    • Drag and drop your zip file from your desktop into the upload area and press "upload" and wait. If your upload gets disrupted for ANY reason (accidentally close browser, computer dies, etc.) you can easily resume your upload by browsing to the site, pressing the green "upload firmware" button, and then dragging and dropping the same file back into the upload area. The upload will pick back up right where it left off as long as you are uploading the same file with the same name. You will have to fill in the other information fields again.
  6. Once the upload progress meter shows you upload is finished, you can press "save" at the bottom of the form and you are all done!
  7. You may be prompted to fill in a captcha after you attempt saving the first time. If so, your data all remains intact. Just fill in the captcha and hit save again and you will be on your way!

SIDE NOTE: Downloading firmware does NOT require user registration. Anyone and everyone can download, for free, all the time. Only uploading requires registration for security purposes.

Thanks for uploading to! Get Started!